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Return Policy

1.Cancel Policy

All orders can be canceled before they are shipped. If you have not paid for your order yet, you can easily cancel your order by yourself. If your order has been paid, you can contact our customer service to cancel your order. Once your order has been shipped, it cannot be canceled.Besides, we cannot guarantee any request to cancel or modify an order once production has already begun. There are no order cancellations accepted once production has begun on any custom or specialty products (items that are not a stock size).


Cancellation before payment

a. Log into "My Account" and click on "Order History".

b. Click on the order number that you would like to cancel.

c. Click on “Delete this order” and confirm that you want to cancel it.


Cancellation after payment

Please note that we may offer a corresponding cancellation policy or solution to customers’ inquiries based on the different product categories.

a. Orders canceled within 24 hours of payment confirmation will be eligible for a full refund.

b. Orders canceled beyond 24 hours after payment confirmation will be eligible for a full refund consisting of full shipping cost and 100% of the product purchase price.

c. Once your order has been shipped, it can no longer be canceled.


2. Return Policy

We're bummed if you're not 100% satisfied with the items you received, and we gladly accept returns within 30 days of receipt for most items in new condition.





Procedures for refund


Here are a few steps you may follow to return an item. First, show your ticket to our customer service team. Second, you receive a return instruction within 1 business day.Then, you pack up the product with the original package and send it out. Finally, within 5 business days after we receive your package, we will refund to your NZWE wallet in default if not being informed of sending the refund to your payment account. Please note that money on your NZWE account can also be transitted to your payment account.After all the refund process is finished,an email will be sent to you for confirmation.


Circumstances for refund


1. 14 Days Broken DOA (dead on arrival) items


If the product is broken on arrival, please refer to the 14 Days Product Guarantee and contact our customer team. If the item is valuable, you may have to send back it with all the accessories included. Please note that you have to bear the cost of missing components, if any. All the Shipping fees will be covered by buyers.


2. Intact/Damaged items within 60 days from delivered

We offer to cover the price of the item minus the shipping costs if you want to return an intact, brand-new item within 60 days after delivery date. . The return shipping fees will be covered by the customer.

For broken items, the 14 Days Product Guarantee or the warranty of specific items serve as a reference. We need your cooperation to return the item including all of the accessories.


3. After 60 days from delivered


Under this circumstance, we are sorry to inform you that we cannot return or refund the item. If you have any question, please contact our customer service center.



Customers Right for Refund


As for items during delivery,if the package is broken or open, you can refuse to sign up, because the acception of a broken package may affect your return request.


As for items alrealdy delivered, if you find them defective, damaged or mis-shipped,a partial/full refund or replacement (excluding accessories) will be guaranteed.


As for items lost during shipping, you will get reshipped items ( except for the case that it is out of stock) or a refund instead.



Customers Obligation for Refund

1. Before receiving package

All the import duties are covered by our customers. If you refuse to accept the item due to import duties, all the fees occurred during the returing procedure will also at your cost.

2. After receiving package

After receiving the package, please keep the shipping documents and packaging materials in case you need to return the item.

3. Before/When Returning Package

Please contact us in advance if you have items to return so as to get return address and other information. Haven't been informed in advance,we will be free of any responsibility.After approving your request, we will send you the return address. Please don't send to the address shown on the package or the location of our company.

As for items which you think are damaged due to shipping, you need to provide us "Proof of Damage" ( from delivery carrier) together with the package you send back.

Besides,we need you to leave a note in the return package including the following message: your order num., product ID or name and quantity, and a short description of the related problem with this product.

We suggest that you do not choose express mail such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx which may result in high import customs.

4. After returing package

After you send back the package, please inform us of tracking number and a copy of the shipping receipt for our in-time tracking.

If we have received items customer claim to be unused, undamaged and in original package, we will check if the problems customer mention do exist. If the condition of the item is unacceptable, or your request cannot be approved due to other reasons, NZWE have the right not to refund or return.

All the handling fees or back charges incurred during the whole procudure will be covered by the customer.


As for each purchasing, we acquiesce that you have read and agreed with all the conditions mentioned above. NZWE reserves all the rights of interpretation.